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Monday, May 9, 2016

Day 1 - Rock Spring to Calhoun GA - 40.8 miles

Jack had short issues (no pun intended) & I'm not sure Bill was even wearing shorts
Today's ride - Day 1 (Video Link) - is from Rock Spring to Calhoun GA - 37.6 miles. This is exactly the same route that Jack, Bill and I took in the mid 1980's on our trip to Hilton Head. Part of it, the hard part, follows my first days ride to Panama City last year. I will still have to cross Maddox Gap at 1,261 ft. around mile 13.3.  From there, I pass through Villanow, Sugar Valley (where Sig Ep Brothers Thunder and Kilbride founded their carpet empire) and then Calhoun. It was cold the morning we left in the 80's. Jack had cut the sleeves off his sweatshirt but after a few miles, he duct taped them back on.  In Sugar Valley, his legs cramped up and he fell off his bike. We stopped in Calhoun at a drug store and I bought some  cheap jersey gloves and some Imodium. Needless to say, it was a very inauspicious beginning to our 1980's trip.  Tomorrow I head for Canton GA. It will be the first of three days of mountain riding. I'll hit a peak of 1,347 ft (Signal Mountain  is 1,700 ft. , Lookout Mountain is 1800 ft. and Gatlinburg is 1200 ft.) .  I've got a free room tonight. I'm staying at my Fraternity Brother Dene Land's Bachelor Pad. Dene is Calhoun's version of Dan Bilzerian (look it up). We plan to party late - till around 9 pm. We plan to party late - till around 9 pm. Did I say that already?

Les Deux Tetons

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